New in our store

We're excited to share a new product that we've just recently added to our Online Store! For a while now we have had enquiries and requests for lettering on wood - something a little more rustic, incorporating personal phrases or words that can be hung in the home or given as a gift. In the past we have lettered straight onto wood using paint and while we love this look (especially for wedding signage), we wanted to explore a different way of incorporating our lettering onto wood. We're always looking for new methods of incorporating our love of lettering with home decor and this encouraged us to explore engraving our lettering onto wood. Soon after, our small and new collection of Engraved Lettered pieces was born! 

These pieces are perfect for your home, workspace or as a gift to someone. We are currently offering 3 designs as well as custom piece if there is a particular quote or phrase you'd like. 

Our Free downloadable Print in Ruffles & Cake Magazine

This month we were featured in Ruffles & Cake magazine - a print and online wedding magazine that shares the stories of real people, real vendors, and real weddings, bringing together beautiful and honest content to inspire those who love the true celebration of weddings. 

Our Wedding Stationery was featured in the 'Vendors and Services we love' section and we also created a custom hand-lettered print for their latest edition which you can download for free! 

You can download this print on page 6 of the magazine by clicking this link - print it, hang it up or frame it as you wish and share a photo with us using the hashtag #huntinglouise and #rufflesandcake! 

Embrace the Journey

Sometimes we get too caught up in the end result we forget to enjoy the journey it took to get there. There's a story behind everything. The ups, the downs, the successes and lessons learnt. It was all valuable. Too often we focus on the shiny product and forget to give ourselves credit for all the smaller achievements along the way. Whether it be starting a new project, collaboration or small business, embrace and enjoy the journey and the process.