Life update!

It's time for a huge life update! And when I said 'life' I mean Hunting Louise. A lot has happened these last few months (we can't believe it's already April!) so we thought we'd share some of the things we've been working on and what's been happening round here. 

Firstly, mugs! We love tea and coffee and puns and lettering and earlier this year all of these things came together in our first ever mug design. We launched the design late January which proved popular for Valentines Day and we've been super encouraged by the positive response to these. 

Soon after the mugs came a new range of printable cards which were also released just before Valentines Day for those last minute shoppers who needed a quick fix card without having to duck out to the shops. You know, DIY style. But non-specific to Valentines Day, these cards are perfect for sending and spreading some love to that someone special.

Another addition to the shop are our Original Prints. In addition to the prints in our shop, we also receive lots of custom print orders. There's just something special about gifting or having a unique one-off print that no one else has, especially when it's lettered by hand. Which is where the idea of creating original prints came about! Each of these prints are one-off originals which means only one is available and you'll receive the original print in all of it's inky, imperfect glory. 

We also had a chat with the folk over at Maison Blanche which you can find here. We shared a little bit about how this little biz came about, our journey and little behind the scenes.

As of late we've been working on a few new invitation designs which we're excited to share soon, as well as some new prints which we'll be adding to the shop! We've got some exciting things to share with you on this blog including an interview with 2 lovely business owners in the wedding industry - coming soon!

As always, thank you for all your support and for keeping the dream alive!