A Change In Perspective


Life has been pretty crazy as of late. The weeks fly by and naturally at this time of the year everyone's frantically trying to tick things off their to-do lists as the year draws to an end (that's even scary for me to say). For us, working full-time alongside planning a wedding, moving houses and all our other commitments has been exciting but also draining. It's brought about some pretty emotional times. Both good and bad. But when I say bad, I actually mean good. You know, the glass can seem half empty but it's actually half full. What I've learnt (and am still learning) is it's all about perspective.

As human beings, we tend to fixate on the things that are difficult - especially when we get busy. I don't have enough time for this. I can't seem to balance that. I wish I had more time for this. If only I could do less of that. But what if it wasn't all so bad? What if being busy was just a by-product of having a great job and an amazing family to occupy our time? What if being stressed was because we had so many (good) things to do in the day? What if we started turning our half empty glass into one that is half full. How different we would see the world. Our lives.

It's so important to reflect on the highlights of our day, month, or even year. To consciously make an effort to think about the blessings in our lives - big or small. To have an attitude of gratitude. To focus less on the negative and more on the positive. Change your perspective. Start doing this and you'll start to see the challenges and difficulties less as obstacles and more as positive opportunities.