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Hey guys! Hope you all enjoyed some sunshine and the extra day off over the weekend! We are super excited to bring you this post. I started following Cassie's blog, The Veda House, early last year and fell instantly in love with her work - if you love minimalist design, this blog is for you! We love her honesty and style and if you're interested in freelance design, her journey will teach you the ins and outs of transitioning from a full time job to being your own boss.

Tell us a little bit about what you do and what you love the most about being a designer?
I’m a graphic and web designer by trade and have more recently infused quite a bit of photography and photo styling into my daily routine, which I just LOVE. I really like the balance of splitting by days behind the computer and other days behind the camera because it gives me the variety I need to keep things inspiring. I spend my days in my home studio, working for myself, growing my business and continually being inspired by the blogging community. I think the aspect I love most about being a designer is having the ability to see the world through a really vibrant lens. As creative people, designers are naturally able to see things from a different angle, capture the smaller details, and appreciate the beauty of everyday things. As a blogger, there is nothing better than the online community and collaborations that are enabled by turning a huge world into a really small and personable space.


What inspires you and your work?
I’m asked this question quite a lot and my answers tend to be ever changing. More times than not, I find that other photographers, natural landscapes, and editorial fashion continue to inspire me. I also draw a lot of inspiration from the home renovation shows on television, other inspiring people speaking at conferences, and good ole fashion travel.


What does a typical day look like?
My days are pretty random and unpredictable, but the days that feel most successful to me are the ones that are split into two halves. One of those days would go something like this… 7:30 AM - Wake up and make coffee for my husband and I 8:00 – 9:00 AM - I spend my mornings as a “multi-tasking sloth on the couch (with laptop) after my husband leaves for work. This usually means answering emails and playing catch up on social media/Pinterest. 9:00 AM - Let’s be honest. Nothing “REAL” gets done until around 9. I then spend my entire morning dedicated to a specific design client/s. I’m usually plopped down in front of my desktop computer from now until lunch (if I remember to eat!) 1:00 PM - Time to make lunch or heat up leftovers. I’ve been trying to soak up the last days of warm sun and eat my lunch out on the patio. 2:00 – 4:30 PM - My ideal afternoon would then be spent away from the computer taking photos in my home studio. Set up props, take photos, take down props, edit photos, etc. 4:30 PM – Around this time I’m wrapping up my day and usually spent the next hour or so responding to emails and tying up loose ends. I also try and wrap my head around what the next day might look like. 5:30 PM – My day is finished…no matter what. I really value my family time and time away from work, so no more emails or work allowed. 7:00 PM – My husband and I usually make dinner together and then watch some of our favorite TV series. We also really enjoy taking our Golden Retriever out and about for a good walk. 9:30 PM – We’re like old people. In bed by 9:30 to get a full 9-10 hours of sleep.


When I'm not designing I am…
. Discovering new things to do in Denver. This “new-to-us” city has an overwhelming list of must do activities 2. Meeting up with friends for a concert, happy hour, or backyard BBQ 3. Watching movies at home and having lazy “recharge” days


Describe your creative space My home studio is in one of our 3 bedrooms in our home. It’s decorated in a pretty minimal way, which I feel is the best way to let the work I do speak for itself. Clutter is one thing that just drives me batty. In the middle of the room I’ve got a desk with a large screen desktop computer that is ideal for designing and photo editing. We’ve recently built our own IKEA fauxdenza and it holds basically everything needed (books, camera gear, printer, scanner, file boxes, etc). It’s also a nice place to display those prettier items without having to have a bookshelf. The closet is lined with shelves that hold more office supply stuff behind closed doors. I’ve added a photo rail with artwork, a “real life” moodboard wall, and a custom chair from The Citizenry. Special Note: I’ll be sharing photos of my studio on the Veda House blog this fall.


What advice would you give to a designer wanting to start freelancing?
I typically tell younger designers and those wanting to start freelance that you just need to DO IT. Don’t procrastinate because it’s scary and things are unknown. It’s going to take a lot of figuring out even once you make the leap, so just get started.

Getting started might mean part time freelancing to test the waters. I started freelancing during nights and weekends while I held a job as Art Director at an advertising agency. This allowed me to explore which direction I wanted to go, build an interested client base and fail (as you will) without hurting your bank account.

I would also say that it is important to follow your heart and to be patient as your head catches up. There are going to be a lot of smaller pieces that aren’t making sense or you don’t feel super confidant about. That’s just part of the process. Everything takes time and just having the courage to get started is a success.


Right now I am most excited about… Future collaborations. I’ve been freelancing full time for 1.5 years now and I’m excited to grow my business in a way that taps into the talents of other creative individuals. Working on projects with others that inspire you makes the projects exponentially more exciting and rewarding. I’m looking forward to seeing what these collaborations bring to life.

Images courtesy of The Veda House