Mentor Power Hour

Last week we went along to Mentor Power Hour hosted by Blog Society and General Assembly. It was just what we needed at this time of our journey. The session was inspiring and I learnt from valuable discussion and conversation with stories from three different ladies on different journeys about owning their own business and how blogging played a role in that. I came away with so many thoughts but I'd like to share just three things that stood out to me:


1. An innate desire to create
I believe every single person out there is creative and has the ability to express their creativity. This is something that I have been passionate about for as long as I can remember. The number of times I hear someone say "oh, I'm not a creative person" - it ain't true! I believe we were all born to be creative but for some of us, something along the way hindered our ability and desire to express it. We tend to think being creative is being able to draw but it's so much more than that and comes in so many different forms - music, art, teaching, etc. Everything we do requires some form of creativity - some of us just express it more than others. For a long time, it has been a huge desire of mine to help people realise their creativity and be able to express it.

The Mentor Power Hour confirmed what I had believed for so long. Individuals had left their former corporate jobs to seek a more creative life and a more creative job. Others had never considered themselves as creative people yet yearned for something more. There's an innate desire in us for something creative and it was inspiring and encouraging to meet people that had left their former jobs and ways of living to seek creative lives.


2. Be in it for the long haul
How often do you stumble across someone's blog, online shop, business, and think to yourself, I wish I could do that full-time.. as my job.. and get paid for it! Truth is, more often than not, that person's still working their full-time job AND running their full-time business on the side. It was encouraging to hear the lengths that people had gone to realise their dreams and business goals - long nights, juggling two or three jobs, running families, etc. It's refreshing to know people are in the same boat as you and just as encouraging to hear that sticking at it will pay off. It's not something that happens over night - you're in it for the long haul and you've got to be prepared that it will take time. Which brings me to my third point...


3. Driven by passion
You've really got to be passionate about what you do because after weeks of sleepless nights, juggling several jobs, paying the bills and whatever else life may throw at you, your passion is the only thing that will keep you sustained, keep you revisiting those goals and keep you wanting to hang in for the long haul.

It's so important to know people are going through the same highs and lows as you and that is why I love this blogging community - real people with real dreams, real struggles and real thoughts to share.

Images sourced from Caleb Jordan Lee // Santa Barbara Chic // Breanna Rose and editted by Hunting Louise