Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

I get asked quite frequently how to stay motivated and positive and my answer is simply, gratitude. Practicing a daily attitude of gratitude is where it all begins. It greatly affects our well-being and outlook on life and in turn, how happy and fulfilled we are. I know we don't really celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia but I kind of love the idea of it so we thought there was no better time to share how we cultivate an attitude of gratitude than Thanksgiving itself.

It's not always easy to be have gratitude when life gets busy (which is all the time, let's be real) or things aren't going the way we hoped/planned. But consciously practicing daily gratitude has been proven to lift your mood, enhance creativity and give you a more positive outlook on life altogether - win win! These are some ways we practice gratitude every day:

1. Find the silver lining
Changing your perspective on things can do wonders. It isn't always easy but I find that if I intentionally identify one positive aspect from every 'negative thing' that has happens, it helps me realise that there's always a silver lining.

2.  Notice the little things
An attitude of gratitude is just as much about appreciating the little things as the big things. It's not always about the most extraordinary thing that's happened or come your way. When these things don't happen everyday, finding something to be grateful for could be as simple as a cup of coffee (amen to this one).

3. Put pen to paper
Put your grateful points to paper. Studies show that when you write these things down, your subconscious takes note of these activities and starts to form a habitual way of thinking.

It's easy enough to say 'change your attitude', but the only way I can recommend actually 'doing' it, is with the Five Minute Journal. You know I'm a sucker for beautiful paper goods and this book is just that. It's the one thing that has helped me focus on the positive and change my way of thinking in a practical way. Don't let the word 'journal' fool you - it literally does take 5 minutes each day and is not your 'dear diary' type of journal that I know you're all thinking (cringe).

The book is full of quotes and questions to prompt daily gratitude, mindfulness and purposeful reflection and instead of me rambling on about it, you can find all the information you need here. You might find yourself adding it to your Christmas wishlist or gifting it to someone else.

And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to thank all of YOU who are reading this - those that have supported Hunting Louise, whether from day one or just yesterday. For every like, comment and share on social media, for all our clients who are reading this and for everyone who is just interested in our journey - thank you! Happy Thanksgiving friends!