How to prep your skin for your wedding day or big event

It's that time of the year - Christmas parties, end of year / new years eve events and of course, many Summer weddings. This week, make up artist and all round lovely lady Rachael Brook is sharing some tips on how to prep your skin before a big event.

1. Use What Works
One of the worst things you can do before a big event is try something new.  Don’t think to yourself “oh I’d love to try that new facial oil” if you’ve never used it before. You just never know when your skin will react to a product so make sure you stick to the ones you know and trust.

2. Exfoliate
Lightly exfoliate your skin a few days before your event to ensure there are no flaky patches of skin. This will help your make up glide on smoothly. Again, make sure you do this with a product you’ve successfully used before. 

3. Moisturise
The morning of your big day, or in the hours leading up to getting ready, apply a moisturiser or facial oil (whatever you normally use) and let it soak into your skin for an hour or so before removing it and applying your makeup. I do this every single day I wear makeup and find that my skin looks supple and hydrated all day long.

4. Fake Tan
If you’re planning on wearing fake tan for the big day, make sure you do a trial a few weeks before hand to make sure that you like the shade of tan, and that the product and application looks great on your skin. I’d recommend tanning 2 nights before the big event, just to make sure you have a buffer day if anything needs to be touched up or fixed.

5. Don't hassle your pimples!
If you’ve woken up with a pimple on the day, or the day before your big event, don’t pick at it, don’t hassle it, don’t inflame it. I repeat, do NOT hassle your pimples. This can make them look worse and last longer in my experience! To reduce redness slightly, you can try dipping a cotton tip in anti-red eye drops before sitting in the freezer to cool down. Then apply this to your spot and watch the redness disappear.  Your blemishes will also be covered up with your makeup application.