Behind The Brand // Craft Hunter

This feature post has been a long time coming! Ever since we approached Fiona, we have been excited to share a little bit about the creator behind Craft Hunter - a colourful and exciting blog dedicated to sharing DIY projects, tips and tricks.

1. Tell us a little bit about what you do and what you love the most about being a blogger?
By day I manage a PR service for interiors brands called Press Loft, but by night I'm addicted to all things DIY. I started my blog Craft Hunter late 2013 as a creative outlet for me to share my projects, hone into my photography & styling skills and just meet other creative folk that share my crazy obsessions. I post original images once a week so it’s been really lovely having this schedule forcing me to make time to be creative regularly. The best part of this journey would have to be feeling part of a creative community that I otherwise didn't know existed. It's amazing how many friendly faces you meet once putting yourself out there!


2. What inspires you and your work?
My DIY projects are usually conjured up after finding an amazing craft supply or material, or a vintage find that needs some love. I'm all about making things for my home that I love. I really adore modern Scandinavian styling so this, as well as spotting cool patterns or shapes in in random objects, tends to inspire a lot of my projects.

3. What does a typical day look like?
My day job definitely keeps me busy week days, but on the weekends I'm usually up early on a Saturday, brewing a coffee, brainstorming ideas then spending the day experimenting with a new DIY project, surrounded by a chaotic mess of glorious supplies. I like to just make for myself and see what happens. Then it's a mad rush to take photos before the sunlight goes away!


4. When I'm not blogging I am…
All about relaxation, colossal amounts of food, taking endless photos, exploring markets and hanging out in the sunshine with my lover.

5. Describe your creative space
I live in a small apartment near Sydney city with my boyfriend and I've slowly but surely turned our study into my crazy craft den. It’s home to lots of my finished (and flopped) projects – my walls are covered in random paper garlands, colourful postcards and folded paper shapes are pinned to corkboards and I have a cupboard full to the brim of supplies. It’s my favourite place in the world. I can’t wait to one day move into a bigger place though, I dream of a big sun-drenched studio out the back of my house where I can make and shoot to my crazy heart’s content.


6. What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a blog alongside their day job? Set yourself a target number of posts per week and stick to it. Treat yourself to blog-free weekends every now and then to refresh your soul, and go along to blogger events and workshops – meeting fellow bloggers is magical for your creative drive.


7. Right now I am most excited about…
Decorating my new apartment with handmade and up-cycled pieces! It's been a year since I moved out with my boyfriend but there's still a million things I want to do with our place.

Photography by Craft Hunter